3 Landscaping Ideas We Love!

Every time that I drive by houses in my neighborhood I come across one house that I seem to ease up on the gas on and drive as slowly as possible. The house itself is nice, but nothing special. What sets this house apart is what lies in its front yard. This house has the most outstanding yard work and landscaping I’ve ever seen. It looks like paradise in the sun and it has a certain romantic quality to it in the rain. Like you just want to run through the yard soaking wet enjoying every once of the day regardless of weather.

Seeing this house made me think, “What are the things that would make for the most outstanding landscaping for my house?” I was able to break it down into 3 distinct things that make for a truly remarkable landscaping.

The Eye Catcher


Whenever I see a beautiful landscape there is always something that my eye immediately goes to. In this case, the first thing that my eye catches is a water fountain. There is nothing that I love more than seeing a fountain in the front yard. Something about the sound of moving water and peaceful aesthetic view of a fountain just brings the landscape all together. You can decorate it very simply with a nice flower arraignment or have some chairs and reading table near it so that you can enjoy the surrounding area any time that you wish.

The Accented Touches


The next type of landscaping that just screams relaxation is a rock or stone arraignment. Something about them just unifies the landscape with the house. I guess the mixture of stone and grass is that great blending element we look for.

Before we discuss the beauty and change of pace of the stones, lets discuss the practicality. They are much easier to maintain once they are down. You will not have to worry about mowing them. They will not grow or impede on other areas, and weeds never sprout up. All you need to decide is what type of stones, in what color and what texture. Smooth, jagged, rough anything to fit your house. Another great practical point to the stones is that it can help replace nasty wood mulch and all the maintenance that goes with that.

What really makes stones one of our favorites is the look of them. They can bring such a different element to your home that you can’t always achieve with straight landscaping. The look of stones with animals on them or next to other landscape brings the house together. You can have different colored stones, at different elevations of the house and all of it comes together in the different light. When it rains, they don’t flood or take the same care as your normal lawn. Having a stone area in your landscape is definitely one of our favorites.

The Bow that Ties it All Together


The final piece that really brings a home together is having your plant life apart of your house. I have always loved the house because every time I drive by they have flowers growing on their garage. It really brings a great unity from the house into the front. Having the hanging shrubbery just allows your house to be decorated seasonally. When the season is right, the flowers will bloom and they will grow on your house as you manipulate them. They provide an aspect to your house that you might not originally intended when designing it, but really makes your house a living breathing entity. Make it one with your landscape so that when people come to see it, they can really feel the transition from peaceful landscape to serene inside.

There are always more and more things you can do to your landscaping and experiment with what works. Remember though, when you work with your yard to keep it clean and neat. That is the only way for it to truly shine and accent your home.

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