Bathroom Makeover to DIY or Hire a Contractor


We get people writing in to us left and right asking what we believe is the smarter choice for redoing in a house: hiring a contractor or doing it ourselves. This is a a tricky subject due to the fact that have know knowledge of construction and design expertise, but we will break down the pros and cons below.

This segment will be broken down further into the pros and cons of redoing your bathroom.

In order to get that jaw dropping effect one must take into account individual skill level as it pertains to construction. If you feel like you can complete the following checklist then you should have smooth sailing.

  • Can You Obtain Construction Permits?

  • Can You Source Materials Cost Effectively?

  • Do You Have time to Finish the Job?

  • Do You Like to be in Total Control

  • Do You Know Exactly What You want without Advice?

  • Can You Rework Plumbing?

  • Are You Comfortable Getting Dirty and Doing Removal?

  • Can You plan out and mockup Bathroom Designs?

  • Do You have No Fear of the Unknown

  • Can you Rewire any Electrical Fixtures

If you can comfortably check off all those items than I would definitely say go for it! But the reality of it is that most of us cannot do all of those things.


The one that takes the cake is your time. Most of us do not want devote all of our free time to more work nor can we. Something that you might think can be a really fun experience can turn sour very quickly.

It might seem easy now, especially with Lowes and Home Depot providing you everything you need. But there is always the checkbox at the very end, which is the unknown.

Do you have all the tools that you need, do you have all the spackle? What if one of your parts isn’t available? Are you equipped to handle electrical duties as well?

You do not want a project to continue on and on when you don't have the time to finish. The more it stays undone, not only will it cause you aggravation, but it will also be causing you money. Most of us cannot rework plumbing and all it takes is one false move and you can be paying much more than you needed to.

So, if you are like me, the best thing for you to do is to hire a contractor. This will allow you to have most of the creative control and it will help you stay within a budget. The contractor will be able to give you ideas and mockup the room correctly so that you can not only maximize the space, but also your dollar. There can be things they suggest that you never considered.

They also will be able to use the most up to date techniques and tell you what has been working well because they do it every day. There is nothing like having a pro help guide you to your dream bathroom.


A contractor will be able to source labor, get all the parts needed and file for permits easier because that is their job. They will not be juggling a day job like you will by doing it yourself. While you are busy at work, you will not need to worry about getting to your second job of remodeling the bathroom.

They should also be following all the correct codes and guidelines that you might not be as familiar with. All of these are extremely important because you don’t want to build your perfect bathroom only for it fall apart or spring leaks in a matter of months.

As nice as it sounds to have a nice weekend project, at the end of the day leave the construction up to the professionals. It will save you time, money and aggravation.

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