5 Great New Kitchen Ideas

When was the last time that you didn’t have that dinner party or were afraid to show your friends the inside of our house cause you were afraid of what their reaction was when they saw your kitchen? Well kiss those days goodbye cause we are going to give you our 5 best tips to have a jaw-dropping kitchen.

1. Have Window Panels on your Cabinets.

Nothing makes you keep a clean household then when people can see inside your cabinets. Isn’t that what we all do, just hide our dirty stuff behind a door, blind or cabinet. Well get rid of it!

Get kitchen cabinets that have some glass so everyone can see how clean and organized your kitchen is. Not only will this give you modern look on everything, if you have different colored plates and utensils it brings lovely natural aesthetic beauty into the room.

This also lets your friends see all the cool tools that you have in your kitchen. Maybe they didn’t know you were expert chef. Be proud of what you have. It’s time to remove the report cards and let your beautiful house shine. Pretty soon instead of having to clean out your kitchen every 6 months, you’ll never need to do it again.

2. Make Sure You have Natural Light or Bountiful Light.

What is more amazing that walking into a naturally lit Kitchen area? Make sure your kitchen has access to natural light and windows. We want your kitchen to shine at all times and what better than with sunshine. Having the natural light also allows for you to open your kitchen to let all the smells out or even to let your pie sit on the windowsill to cool just like it did when you went over to grandmas.

If you can’t get natural light because of the design make sure that have lots of lamp coverage in your kitchen. The kitchen is one area where lots of light is good. People want to see a clean kitchen and it is such a good place for everything to be organized that the more light people they can see how clean everything is. When things are clean, people are happy and when people are happy everything tastes better and they will want to keep coming back time and again.

3. Suspend your Pots and Pans.

What is cooler than walking into a friend’s house and seeing their collection of pots, pans and frying dishes? I’ll tell you…. Absolutely nothing! I can’t tell you how many conversations that I have had where I discuss with people what I make and how I make them based on all the different pans that I have. They also act as a great decorative piece. They add such a natural flavor to a room that can sometimes seem cold and unapproachable.

Having the pots and pans suspended is also a great way to conserve space if you have a crowded kitchen. It will allow you much needed room to store, more food, other utensils or food products that would normally be left out on a counter top. And the best part of suspending them is it is much cheaper to get something to suspend them on than rebuilding your cabinets.

4. Have a Different Dining Room Chair for Each Person.

I know it sounds a little crazy and quirky, but it works. Having different chairs for everyone just adds a different flavor to the house and makes it seem more like home. You have the ability to musical chairs every night so that things never get stale. This also allows you to add different decorating styles and have it seem very appropriate.

When things are always the same they can get a little boring, but by just changing something so small and simple it is amazing what it can do for the look and feel of the room. Most of us keep the same chairs and they get worn down, but change them up. Make sure that people have fun in the dining area so they can enjoy the meals.

5. Add Something to Make it Yours.

You need to treat the kitchen just like any other room in the house. Design it with you in mind. If you’re an ice cream guy, hang pictures of ice cream, if you love beer or wine, get a wine fridge. This room of the house should not be intimidated and you want to have that piece that says this is me and it belongs to my style.

You shouldn’t be afraid to sometimes go against the norm and go with your gut for what fits. Some people prefer a steel butcher table as opposed to wood, that is very cool and try it out. At the end of the day you should be happy with what you create and when you share that with other people, your enthusiasm will be infectious.

Redoing a part of your house is something that should be fun. If you feel that you are overwhelmed or running out of ideas make sure you calm down and think of things that you want to have. There are so many great ways to express your creativity and you just need to find the one that suits you best.

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