How to Create a Romantic Bedroom

Is your love life starting to slow down? Do you find that every time you walk into your bedroom you just watch TV and fall asleep?

Well listen up. We are going to tell you how to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom so that it always feels like your slice of paradise.

The first thing that you must do is get rid of the Television. No ifs, ands or buts about it. The TV does not belong in the bedroom. It never has and it never will. The TV is the ultimate distraction for what really counts and that is the person sleeping next to you.

It takes your attention away from the moment and gives you an excuse to not interact with them. How often have we walked into a bedroom to see someone passed out with the TV still playing last nights Modern Family? Nothing kills the mood like that.

Get the TV out of there. Not only will you need to find more outlets for things to do in the bedroom, but it always will remove unwanted sounds and distractions. No longer will you have loud explosions or clichéd jokes to fall asleep to. You now have an opportunity to talk to the person sleeping next to you. Fill them in on what happened in your day. Reestablish that bond that made you fall in love.

Getting rid of the tv gives you a chance to connect without any distractions. The bedroom is the one place that the two of you share. Why muck it up by letting a noise box get in between you. Your bedroom intimate place and you should keep it that way by removing the TV and focusing on each other.

Next, try and get rid of as much metal as possible . Metal is cold and unforgiving. Try and replace any metal you have with nice warm wood. Wood has a very romantic and old feel to it. It is smooth and natural. Their are different colors, grains, and textures to wood so you can find one to match your personality.

The nightstands are a great place to start to add wood. You can also mix in granite as the table top if you can to add some different color elements, but we want to try and make this room as romantic as possible.

We all have the great vision of wooden four post beds. While, we can’t all have that in our houses, we can try and add as many accented touches as we can. If you want, you can remove the carpet in the room to add a wood floor. A deep brown stain just oozes sensuality. This mix up will be sure to spice things up in this romantic spot.

Since we took out the TV in our bedroom, we don’t want to always live in total silence, make sure you add a music player of some kind to the bedroom. There is nothing like having music going that can help set a proper romantic mood. Everyone is different, but there is certain serenity to music that can really help you keep the romance going. Find tunes that you and your spouse can enjoy every time you walk into the bedroom.

The last one is to eliminate blackout curtains. I know that sounds crazy as we all love catching those extra zzzz’s on the weekends, but in reality that will just make us lazy and forget to wake up. It gives your room some freedom and will keep you from just thinking of this place as just a sleeping room, but also a activity room.

What makes eliminating blackout curtains so romantic is on those cloudless nights when the moonlight illuminates your bedroom. Have you ever walked into a naturally moonlit bedroom? Let me just say it is the number one aphrodisiac and can do so much to add that extra spice to the bedroom. It is natural mood lighting and it also goes with all the other changes we have made.

Doing all of these will help ensure that every time you go into your bedroom will make for a place that is yours and your partners. It should be your hidden getaway that only you two have access to and you should make it as romantic as possible. We are all searching for that slice of paradise and now you can have your own!

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